Anytime you visit, there is no doubt that we will pay attention very well about the privacy of your personal information because it is very crucial for us. We will save any information which you type when you are accessing properly and there is no chance that we will utilize it by selling it other parties.

Log Files

The log files will contain data and it will be collected and used by us just like other websites. The contained information on the log files will include internet protocol or IP address, internet service provider or ISP including Shaw Cable or AOL, the used browser for visiting our site, visited time, and the page which is visited by using our site.

Web Beacons and Cookies

We are storing your information which includes personal preference when visiting our site by using cookies. Popup will be showed once anytime you visit our website or maybe login support for some features including forums is available because those is included in the cookies using.

For supporting our website, there is advertisement of third party on which is used and some technologies such as web beacons and cookies will be used by some of them anytime they display the advertisement in our website and it will automatically be sent throughout Google with the Google AdSense program. There are some information such as the ISP, used browser for visiting our site, the IP address, and sometimes Flash installation check. The purpose of this application is geotargeting which can make us able to show someone in New York the real estate ads in New York, for instance. It can also make us show the ads and it can be suited with the specification of the visited website which means that the cooking ads will be showed to them who visit cooking sites frequently.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

By using DART cookies for ad service which is provided by Google DoubleClick, we are able to put a cookie on your PC when you are using the internet for browsing certain website and visiting DoubleClick advertising used website which will include some advertisement from Google AdSense. The specific ads will be served to you and your interest by using this cookie so it is called internet based targeting application. History of your previous browsing is the basic of the ad serving target. It means that we will see the advertisement of Las Vegas hotel although we are visiting the website which is not related at all because we have visited the website about Las Vegas before. The information which is not able to be identified personally is used by DART. Personal information about you including name, physical address, and cyber address, number of social security, telephone number, credit card number, and even bank account number will not be tracked. The is the right place where you can choose this ad serving.

We are able to choose whether we will turn on or off cookie from us or third party in the setting of your browser. Programs including Norton Internet Security can be managed the preference. Nevertheless, this can bring effect to login service or program which associated with our website and also other websites including the forum or account log in.

Deleting cookie can opt out of advertising program forever since there will be new cookie will be added next time you visit the advertisement running website.